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How to apply for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) funding

Three steps to applying for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme funding

1Contact Australian Unity

First, simply get in touch with Australian Unity and tell us a bit about yourself. We will ask you about your health, what you are looking for and what you feel you need to really make the most out of your life. All of this will give us a good idea of how we can support you and which of our services will best suit you.

Once you have spoken with us, you will be ready to complete your home support assessment.

2Receive a free home support assessment through My Aged Care

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What is the home support assessment?

The home support assessment is an assessment conducted by the Regional Assessment Service (RAS) through My Aged Care, the Commonwealth Government body responsible for all aged care services.

Why do I need a home support assessment?

The assessment is used to establish how well you are coping at home and what support you might need to make the most out of your life. Together, you and your assessor will evaluate your eligibility, look at the services you will require and establish how much they will cost.

Once your home support assessment has been approved, contact us to arrange a quote for your services.

3Accept your quote and start benefiting from your services

Once you have selected Australian Unity as your provider, we will need to agree on how often you will require your services and how much you will be required to pay.

A diagram of how the cost of your services will be split into 2 parts. 1. Commonwealth Government subsidy - This is the amount the government pays to subsidise your care. The funds will be sent directly to us. 2. Your additional fee - this is the amount you will need to pay us each time you use the service.
Once you are happy with your quote, it is time to accept the agreement and start enjoying the next phase of your life.

Contact us on 1300 160 170 and we will be happy to explore all of your options and answer any questions you have.

Other ways to fund your home services

From government funding to paying privately, there are a number of ways to fund your home services.

Compare all funding options

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