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Northern Car Park Design and Development Application

Following significant community and expert feedback, considerable changes have been incorporated into the car park design.

The design now achieves natural ventilation, removing the need for noisy and costly mechanical ventilation, and delivers a better environmental outcome.

Changes to the façade design ensure that concerns around noise, light spill and air quality are addressed by using an angled, anodised metal façade treatment that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The landscape plan also now allows for more landscaped public space off Back Road and deep tree planting along Research Road to help soften the bulk and scale of the building.


How have you addressed concerns regarding traffic flow?

The car park has been carefully designed to incorporate two entry and exit points using the natural topography of the site. By having two entry and exit points, traffic congestion will be significantly reduced. Plans to widen Back Road and Research Road will also improve the existing road conditions.

Australian Unity will continue to work closely with relevant authorities to determine the best options to improve traffic flow around the new car park.

There’s also been refinement of pedestrian pathways and an accessible walkway through the car park to the lift station. Pedestrian access in and around the car park has been a priority for the design outcomes.

Will the Development Application be publicly notified?

Yes, the Development Application will be publicly notified. We are committed to open and transparent communication and welcome all feedback on the car park.

What are the next planning steps?

Australian Unity will soon lodge a Development Application with Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) for the construction of a nine storey car park. EDQ has 20 business days to review and request any further information or clarification from the developer.

It is anticipated that the Development Application will then be publicly notified for a period of 20 business days. Submissions in writing will be invited via the EDQ website.

What are the next steps on site?

Australian Unity will begin preparing the car park site. These works may occur at the same time as the Development Application process. Click here for more information about these works.

Are there any plans for the future development on top of the car park?

Australian Unity’s Development Application is for a nine-storey car park only. As per the Herston Quarter Priority Development Area Development Scheme, the car park will be built to accommodate future expansion by Metro North Hospital and Health Service.

When will construction commence?

Construction of the new car park cannot commence until the Development Application has been approved by Economic Development Queensland. It is anticipated construction will commence mid-2019 and take about 18 months to complete.

How can I stay informed?

The Herston Quarter website is updated regularly with key information. You can also register to receive enewsletters. Subscribe here

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