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Your health cover premium can provide opportunities for Indigenous children to become tomorrow’s leaders. When you take out Australian Unity health cover, 7.5% of the premium1 will be given to Origin Insurance. Being a social enterprise that does not rely on government funding, Origin Insurance uses its profits to support its registered charity – the Origin Indigenous Leadership Foundation. Your contribution can help deliver programs and support that give Indigenous children the education and skillset to fulfil their greatest potential.

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Claim sooner when you switch

When you switch to us within 30 days of leaving your old fund, we'll recognise the waiting periods you've already served. That means you don't have to start all over again, and can start claiming sooner if you're switching from a cover with a similar or higher level of benefits.

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How Origin Insurance provides opportunity to Indigenous Australians

Origin Insurance’s aim is to support Indigenous Australians across the country. By delivering resources and support programs based on health, education and employment, Origin’s charity ensures Indigenous Australians can develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to pursue their full potential. This can open the door for new career options, create the desire to pursue higher education and improve overall health by providing basic but essential health knowledge.

When you take out Australian Unity health cover 7.5% of your premiums1 will go to Origin Insurance and can help make a positive difference for Indigenous Australians.

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1.When you select to pay by direct debit, 7.5% of the premium will be paid to Origin Insurance - an Indigenous owned “profit for purpose” business that uses its profits to employ Indigenous Australians and support health and education programs through its registered charity, the Origin Indigenous Leadership Foundation. This contribution is not available in respect of any products purchased through brokers or comparators and excludes Overseas Visitor Cover. This is also not available in conjunction with any other offer or discounts.

Why choose Australian Unity?

Australian Unity is a company founded over 175 years ago on social values and community contribution. That’s why we actively work towards an Australia where Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples have the opportunities to reach their full potential. Check out our reconciliation action plan for more details.

We’re proud to be one of Australia’s largest employers of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples, with Indigenous Australians making up more than five percent of our workforce.

The services we provide to Indigenous peoples and communities include social support, domestic assistance, personal care, home maintenance and financial advice.

Australian Unity Limited is a mutual organisation, which means we’re owned by, and we’re answerable to, our members. We trace our origins back to 1840, when eight Australians agreed to start a friendly society in response to unmet community needs. Now, more than 175 years later our focus remains the same; taking care of our members and improving the wellbeing of Australians.

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