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Tea & Bickies with Steve Liebmann

Tea & Bickies with Steve Liebmann

Priscilla, the Heart of the Hunter

Following her heart brought Priscilla to Australia all the way from Namibia. It's here that Priscilla discovered a passion for supporting others.

In this episode, Steve travels to the Hunter Valley to meet with Priscilla, an Australian Unity Home Care Worker with a huge capacity for caring. Priscilla’s story started in Namibia.

A photograph taken by a friend visiting from Australia ultimately led to her meeting her husband and then relocating to Australia.

Now a Hunter Valley local, Priscilla has turned a passion for supporting people into career.

Graham, the Caped Crusader of Cromer

He lives a full and active life in the Northern Beaches by day, but Graham
has a secret double life helping young people in crisis.

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