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Tea & Bickies with Steve Liebmann

Tea & Bickies with Steve Liebmann

Pam, the Warhol West of Ballarat

Pam’s an unstoppable artistic force. The works that fill her home are a celebration of her personality and creativity.

In this episode, Steve has tea and bickies with Pam, an unstoppable artistic force who never lets anything get in the way of her creativity.

Living in the historic gold mining town of Linton, near Ballarat, Victoria, her home is a testament to the strength of her personality. Filled with her artworks, every wall in every room tells Pam’s story of resilience, creativity, individuality and independence.

Gail, the Genie of Geelong

Gail helped cancer patients reconnect with the fun side of life. Through belly dancing
and her irrepressible personality, she helped them to forget their troubles and
shed their inhibitions.

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