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Tea & Bickies with Steve Liebmann

Tea & Bickies with Steve Liebmann

Gail, the Genie of Geelong

Gail helped cancer patients reconnect with the fun side of life, charming them into forgetting their troubles and letting go of their inhibitions.

On a visit to the coastal city of Geelong, Steve has tea and bickies with Gail, a woman who teaches him that laughter really is the best medicine.

Having moved to Australia from the UK as a young woman, Gail spent much of her career working for a well-known cancer Foundation. While there she discovered an unusual way to help patients forget about their troubles, creating fun memories for people during an otherwise difficult time.  

Priscilla, the Heart of the Hunter

Priscilla came to Australia because she fell in love. Then she fell in love
with Australia, with supporting others and with giving back to the
community, every day.

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