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Optimists that inspire us 

Bert and John Jacobs

What started as a struggling t-shirt business is now a $100 million empire for Bert and John Jacobs. The pair developed their business on the basic principle of optimism. The brothers trace their optimistic outlook back to their childhood home, fondly recalling their mother’s daily dinnertime tradition, where they were asked to share “something good that happened today”. It was their mother’s positive outlook that inspired their business idea. It all started with a figurative character, Jake, that was printed on t-shirts with the tagline “Life is Good”. It all skyrocketed from there. Today, the company’s mission is to spread the power of optimism, with the tagline “Life is not perfect. Life is not easy. Life is good.” According to the brothers, growing up in a positive environment, taught them that “optimism is a courageous choice you make very day, especially in the face of adversity”.

Jessica Cox

Born without arms, Jessica Cox hit the Guinness World Records as the world’s first licensed armless pilot. She is also the first person with her condition to be awarded a black belt by the American Taekwondo Association. Jessica has proved that disability is no hindrance to those that are optimistic. Despite refusing to use prosthetic arms, Jessica is an accomplished pianist, surfer and car driver.  In her own words, Jessica “uses [her challenges as an] opportunity to channel positive vibes and be an example of optimism”. Today, Jessica travels the world as a motivational speaker, encouraging people to be creative and innovative with the slogan “think outside the shoe”.

Turia Pitt

Trapped by a grass fire in 2011 while competing in an ultra marathon in Western Australia, Turia Pitt suffered burns to more than 65% of her body. The doctors didn’t expect Turia to survive. However, Turia defied all odds through her determination and sheer will to live. Despite months in hospital and numerous operations, Turia remained positive and refused to give up. Today, Turia is a motivational speaker, author, humanitarian and athlete. In 2014 she was awarded NSW Premier’s Woman of the year and last year completed the Port Macquarie Ironman 2016 event. Turia is the epitome of resilience, hope and optimism. In her own words “I have been given another opportunity and I want to make the most if it so that’s what drives me”.

Despite their challenges, these inspiring people saw opportunity in their difficulties. They made a choice to be optimistic. You can too. “Join the optimists” today.