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Australian Unity Optimism Study

Head of brand for Australian Unity, Laura Jennings, discusses the results of our Optimism Study and our partnership with The Resilience Project. 

The Resilience Project 
The Resilience Project delivers programs that teach people positive mental health strategies. These programs are run in schools, sport clubs, and businesses and offer evidence based, practical strategies to build resilience. 

3 tips for practising gratitude to boost optimism

With so many tragic stories infiltrating the news lately, it can be easy to feel weighed down by a sense of helplessness or sadness. How often do we hear positive stories that reflect kindness and compassion rather than anger and violence? Probably not often enough.

However it turns out that practicing gratitude makes us happier and healthier, so it is more important now than ever to focus on the positives in our lives rather than dwell on the negatives. 

Boost your optimism today

The origins of optimism 

What is optimism and where did it come from?
As Australian Unity embarks on a marketing campaign titled, “Join the optimists”, those stationed in Australian Unity HQ have been toiling away in The Optimists Club, trying to gain a greater understanding of this form of thinking.

With that as our opening, we thought it would be interesting to touch on the history of optimism and its modern day definition.

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Glass half full for Aussie men

Our new research finds almost one million more ‘optimistic’ men than women.

Despite economic volatility, cost of living pressures and global political instability, new research confirms most Australians are optimistic about life. 

A study we have released has found more than 11.7 million Australians call themselves optimists and they are more likely to be men (68% of men are optimists compared to 57% of women).

The Australian Unity Optimism Study found good health and enjoyment of life as the strongest drivers of optimism, while Australian politics and global issues have a very small impact on optimism overall.

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Failure is good for us... just ask an optimist

Consider a toddler learning to walk. She will fall over hundreds of times before planting one wobbly foot in front of the other to take her first steps. But she doesn’t give up, because it doesn't present itself as an option at that age. Over time, though, society instils in us the idea that failure is incompatible with success. Whereas in reality, failure is necessary for success. 

Three tips to become more optimistic that you can start today

In 2008, I was fortunate enough to spend a few months living and volunteering in the far north of India. In this desert community, there was no running water, no electricity and no beds; everyone slept on the floor of their desert hut. Despite the fact these people had very little to call their own, I was continually blown away by how happy they were. It was this experience, and subsequent post graduate studies, that have led me to some pretty simple conclusions about the things that we need to be doing here in Australia if we want to be happier. Amongst that list is the relatively basic instruction; we need to choose to be more optimistic. That’s right, being optimistic is a choice. And the great news is, there are three simple things that we can do everyday to make us more optimistic.

Music maketh the optimist

Music and mood are inherently linked. Research has shown, that listening to music causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical that gives you pleasure. This in turn can help lower anxiety, increase motivation and centre your thoughts.
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Optimists that inspire us

Churchill famously said “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”.

Optimism is an attitude that can open you up to new ideas, experiences and possibilities. This mindset helps you look at the future openly. Optimism is about engaging in a meaningful life, feeling in control and developing resilience.  

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