Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a Travel Insurance Claim?

If you find yourself in difficulty during your trip you can rest assured that urgent assistance from our 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Hotline service is only a phone call away. One reverse charge phone call from anywhere in the world will put you in touch with our multi-lingual staff, all expertly trained at dealing with travel problems and emergencies.

Some people find it more convenient to make their claim when they return home. To report your claim or to obtain a claim form, please call 1800 112 449 24-hours a day.

I've lost my luggage; what shall I do?

If you have lost your luggage you will need to report it to the police in that country to obtain a police report of the theft / loss. You should include the items that have been lost.

Call the 24-hour Hotline, both to notify them of the loss, and also as they may be able to assist with the search if lost during travel (changing airlines etc).

If your luggage has been lost after you checked it in with a carrier and you need to purchase Emergency items to cover you while you wait for it to be found then make sure you keep all receipts for purchases, as these will be required for any claim you make, along with written proof from the carrier that you were unable to get to your luggage for at least 12 hours.

When submitting a claim (usually when you return home) you will be required to submit proof of ownership such as original receipts, photographs or operating manuals, especially for valuable items such as cameras and jewellery.

Is there an excess payable on my policy?

Yes, a $100 dollar excess is applicable to all travel insurance policies.

I've got an issue with the way my claim was handled - what should I do?

If you have a complaint about any aspect of your travel insurance, you can call 1300 735 094 to discuss it with one of our Customer Service Officers. If we are unable to resolve your concern through our internal dispute resolution process, you may then request that the matter be reviewed by the Insurance Ombudsman Service. This is a free service available to you by calling 1300 78 08 08.

I have a ‘pre- existing medical condition’ or I am over 70 years of age; can I obtain Travel Insurance cover?

If you have a pre existing medical condition, it may not automatically be covered under this travel insurance. There are some medical conditions which are automatically covered under this policy. You should read the Product Disclosure Statement & Policy Wording to determine if your condition is automatically covered. If it is not, you can apply to have your pre existing medical condition covered by completing a medical assessment form with your doctor. Each case is assessed individually and the outcome will be advised in writing. There may be an additional premium that is applicable if we accept to cover your medical condition.

If you have a pre-existing conditions or are 70 years of age or over click here for more details.

What happens when I have to obtain a Medical Assessment as part of my application?

You will need to complete the medical assessment form with your doctor and return it to International SOS who will assess your application. They will advise you of the outcome and may charge an additional premium to cover your medical condition. Once you have received the outcome from International SOS you then need to complete the application form and return to CGU.

This medical assessment would apply for travellers who are aged over 70 years before or during the trip. Also applies to pre-existing conditions.

How can I pay for my travel insurance?

Travel insurance can only be paid for using a credit card. Credit cards that are excepted are Visa, MasterCard and Bankcard.

Is a claim as the result of Terrorism included in this policy?

The policy covers overseas Medical expenses if you are disabled due to terrorism. This policy will also cover for Evacuation if you are disabled, along with cover for Luggage, Death, Disability and Loss of Income as per the terms and conditions of the policy. However, should you book and travel to a destination that has a travel warning issued against it by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, cover may be restricted or not be available (this is dependent on the type of warning issued, the date the warning is issued and the date the policy and/or travel takes place).

There is NO cover for additional expenses or cancellation costs if directly or indirectly due to terrorism. Therefore, if you cancel your trip before the date of travel due to a terrorist threat or a terrorist act there is no cover for any pre-paid money you cannot get refunded. You can however, cancel the travel insurance policy (where there is no claim) and get a refund of your premium - a fee may be charged for the period of cover from the issue date of the policy.



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