Landlords Insurance

Our Landlords policy provides financial security against the consequence of loss and damage from insured events and legal liability, as well as optional cover for loss of rent and legal expenses.

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Selecting your excess
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Calliden Insurance Limited (ABN 47 004 125 268, AFSL 234438) (“Calliden”) is the insurer of the Home and Contents, and Landlords insurance products available from Australian Unity Personal Financial Services Ltd (ABN 26 098 725 145, AFSL 234459) (“Australian Unity”).  Australian Unity acts as an agent for Calliden Agency Services Limited (ABN 15 096 726 895, AFSL 234437) (“CASL”) who in turn acts as an agent on behalf of Calliden, and does not act as your agent.  A Product Disclosure Statement for each of these products can be obtained by downloading it from this website or by calling 13 29 39 and should be considered when deciding whether to acquire, or to continue to hold, that product. Click here to view Calliden’s privacy policy.

Important Information

Please note that following the implementation of the Calliden members’ scheme of arrangement on 23 December 2014, Steadfast Group Limited now wholly owns the Calliden group of companies except for Calliden Insurance Limited (CIL). CIL is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Munich Re group of companies. We are in the process of updating our publications to reflect this change in ownership. You can read more about this change here.

Financial Services Guide - Australian Unity Personal Financial Services

When you deal with us regarding home & contents insurance or landlords insurance, you have to be provided with a Financial Services Guide (‘FSG’) of both Calliden and AUPFS. Please see the attached FSGs which provide important information about each provider.

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Financial Services Guide - Calliden

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Landlords Insurance Product Disclosure Statement

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Key Facts Sheet - Building Insurance

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Key Facts Sheet - Contents Insurance

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Landlords Insurance Application Form

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Benefit Landlords Insurance
Accidental Loss or Damage Yes 
Contents in open air  $2,000
Contracting purchaser Yes
Default of payment of rent by the tenants  Extended Cover# 
Extra costs of reinstatement  Up to 10% of building sum insured* 
Landlords contents  $10,000 cover provided within building sum insured for curtains, carpets, internal blinds, light fittings if leased on an unfurnished basis.
Loss of rent as a result of an insured event  Basic cover# 
Legal liability  $20 million
Locks and keys  $1,000
Professional fees to reinstate building  Up to 20% of building sum insured* 
Removal of debris  Up to 20% of building sum insured*. Reasonable costs for contents* 
Storage of contents  Yes* 
Theft or damage to trees, plants or shrubs  $1,000 

Additional benefits under Loss of Rent
Legal expenses $3,000 per claim or $5,000 for any one period of insurance
Removal of rubbish  Up to $500

Standard options applicable to Building, Contents, Loss of Rent (Basic Cover) & Liability $300, $500 or $1,000 
Standard options applicable to Earthquake  $200
Loss of rent (Extended Cover) 4 Weeks rent
Compulsory excesses (additional to standard) for malicious damage &/ theft by tenants  $400

* benefit additional to sum insured.

# Basic Cover & Extended Cover are optional.

Note: Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full details of the cover, conditions and exclusions that may apply.