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Third Party
Fire and Theft

Third Party

Uninsured Motorist Damage Yes Yes Yes
Up to 60% No Claim Bonus Yes No No
New Car Guarantee Yes No No
14 day car hire if your vehicle is stolen Yes Yes No
$30 Million Liability Cover Yes Yes Yes
Windscreen Cover Option Yes No No
Trailer Yes No No
Nominated Driver Yes Yes Yes
Nominated Driver Low Kilometre* Yes No No
After accident care:
Vehicle return Yes Yes No
Emergency repairs Yes Yes No
Towing Yes Yes No
Personal Property Yes No No
Accommodation/Transport Home Yes Yes No
* Please refer to your Motor Vehicle Insurance PDS for full terms and conditions.
Your vehicle includes accessories, options and standard tools whilst they are in or on your vehicle, provided that you have told us of these accessories, options and standard tools.
Windscreen Cover
Our comprehensive policy provides you with an option to select cover for one broken windscreen or window, in any one year, without having to pay the excess or penalise your No Claim Bonus.
No Claim Bonus
No Claim Bonus is established on the basis of years licensed and number of at fault incidents in the last 2 years.
Nominated Driver
This policy provides a discounted premium if the car will only be driven by up to 2 nF9C5F3FF1128_42F1FD8820E342BD9210years of age.
Nominated Driver Low Kilometre
This policy provides a discounted premium if the car will only be driven by up to 2 nominated drivers over 25 years of age and the vehicle does not travel more than 10,000 km's per year.
Trailer cover is provided up to $1,000 for loss or damage whilst attached to your vehicle.
Hire Vehicle
Yes, Covered when the vehicle is stolen or if it is unsafe to drive as a result of theft or attempted theft. Covered until the vehicle is recovered and repaired, or until the claim is settled. Up to a total of 14 days.
Uninsured Driver Protection
If your car is insured with us for Fire, Theft and Third Party, or Third Party Only, we will cover your car for up to $5,000 damage if the responsible party is not insured. You must provide all details of the responsible party to claim this benefit.
New Car Guarantee
If your car is stolen or destroyed when it is less than 24 months old, and has travelled under 30,000kms; or more than two years old, but less than three years old, and has travelled under 50,000kms, the policy cover enables you to replace your car with a new one including the cost of registration and dealer delivery.
All of our Car Insurance policies featured include up to $30,000,000 Liability cover for damage to other people's property as a result of an accident.
After Accident Care
Vehicle Return
Cover for up to $500 to return your car if it is damaged in an accident more than 100 km's from where you live when you insure your vehicle comprehensively or for Third Party Fire & Theft.
Emergency Repairs
Up to $500 cover for emergency or temporary repairs to enable you to drive your car home after an accident when you are insured comprehensively or for Third Party Fire & Theft.
Cover provided for towing your car to the nearest repairer or place of safety after an accident when you are insured comprehensively or for Third Party Fire & Theft.
Personal Property
Up to $500 for personal property (such as clothing and luggage) that is in your car and damaged during an accident or stolen from a locked car, when you are insured comprehensively.
Money Back Guarantee
We provide you with 21 days to ensure you are fully satisfied with the policy and cover you have chosen.