About Overseas Visitors Cover

If you are visiting Australia you should consider taking out Overseas Visitors Cover. If you need to visit a doctor or stay in hospital while you are here, you could find yourself responsible for the full cost of treatment, which can be very expensive. Hospital cover for overseas visitors can be up to $1,000 per day.

Having Overseas Visitors Cover will give you greater control over who treats you, where you’re treated and how soon, should the unexpected happen to you. In some cases you may be required to take out health insurance as part of your visa subclass requirements. Our covers meet most visa requirements for health insurance.

Visa letters confirming your health insurance details are emailed to you immediately when you buy online, allowing you to keep your visa application process moving forward.

Is Overseas Visitors Cover right for you?

Our Overseas Visitors Cover is ideal if you:
  • Want to meet your visa requirements for health insurance.
  • Are coming to Australia on a working or non-working visa and want to be covered for a range of medical treatments and emergencies.
  • Are from a country with no Reciprocal Health Care Agreements.
  • Are from a country that has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia but you want to have access to a wider choice of hospital treatments and to minimise the wait for non-emergency hospital care.
  • Don’t have travel insurance with a medical component.