Members Own Health Funds

Australian Unity has joined forces with 14 like-minded mutual and not-for-profit health insurance providers to form Members Own Health Funds.


What is Members Own Health Fund (MOHF)?

Members Own Health FundWe're a collective, brought together by the shared belief that a health fund's main priority should be to benefit its members.

Unlike some other health funds, we're not driven by the need to maximise profits to return to investors or overseas owners.

Instead, Members Own Health Funds invest profits to provide better health benefits and better service to you and your family.


What are the benefits of joining a MOHF?

More than 2.5 million people across Australia are already enjoying the benefits of belonging to a health fund that carries the Members Own symbol.

Collectively, Members Own Health Funds

  • treat you like a person—not a profit centre
  • provide more dollars back to you and your family in benefits*
  • have high levels of satisfaction, trust and loyalty*
  • have members who make fewer complaints and are more likely to stay with us and recommend us to others*
  • are Australian owned and operated


Why has Australian Unity joined MOHF?

For the last 175 years, Australian Unity has been helping to improve the wellbeing of Australians. And part of that wellbeing is our strong belief that maximising investor returns or profits is not an appropriate philosophy to apply to people's health needs.


Be a member, not a profit centre

If you're looking for a health fund that's run to benefit you and your family, rather than investors or overseas owners, a Members Own Health Fund is right for you. You can find out more by visiting the Members Own Health Fund website.


* The data used to support Members Own facts has been independently validated by KPMG. Click here to access the report.