Other Forms and brochures

  • Accident Report Form

    We will ask you to complete this form if you have received treatment that may be related to an accident, for example joint replacements, arthroscopies or hernia procedures. If you are making a claim for accident cover, a completed medical report may also be required.

    Download PDF 118kb

  • Change of Membership Details Form

    Download and complete this form to change your health insurance cover.

    Download PDF 257kb

  • Delegated Authority Form

    By completing this form, you can authorise another person to speak to Australian Unity about your membership on your behalf.

    Download PDF 136kb

  • Direct Debit & Direct Credit Request

    Complete this form to arrange for automatic payment from a nominated bank or building society account, or from your credit card. Also use this form to arrange for your claims benefits to be credited directly into your nominated bank or building society account.

    Download PDF 189kb

  • Government Rebate Form

    Completing this form will allow you to pay lower health insurance contributions by allowing Australian Unity to claim the Government Rebate for you.

    Download PDF 205kb

  • Health Member Guide

    Inside this guide you’ll find lots of handy tips, including the best way to seek treatment, make claims and manage your cover. You’ll also find useful information on our range of Health Support Programs, which look to improve and sustain your health and wellbeing.

    Download PDF 1981kb

  • Health Insurance Application Form

    Complete a Health Cover Application form to begin your Health Insurance cover with Australian Unity. This application form must be read in conjunction with your fact sheet, which includes details of waiting periods, exclusions, restrictions, excesses and co-payments.

    Download PDF 319kb

  • Medical Report Form

    For any hospital claim, that might be related to a pre-existing condition, during this 12-month pre-existing condition waiting period, you should have a medical report completed by the first doctor you saw about the condition such as your GP or specialist.

    Download PDF 129kb

  • Health Cover Suspension Brochure & Form

    This form gives you information about how to suspend your membership if you’re travelling overseas or experiencing financial hardship.

    Download PDF 281kb

  • Pre-Existing Ailments - Information Brochure For Consumers

    Will the pre-existing ailment waiting period affect you? Produced by The Department of Health and Aged Care, this brochure provides you with a clear explanation of the pre-existing ailment waiting period, when it applies, and how health funds determine whether it applies.

    Download PDF 92kb

  • Preventative Health Services Brochure

    Depending on your level of cover, these preventative health services offer members personalized and practical support and information.

    Download PDF 269kb

  • Preventative Health Services Claim Form

    This claim form is to be used to make claims related to Australian Unity's preventative health services including Personal Health Coaching, Quit Smoking, Doctor Health Check, Step Into Life and Weight Loss Service.

    Download PDF 129kb

  • Student Dependant

    Use this guide to work out if your student dependant can be covered under your health cover.

    Download PDF 432kb

  • Transfer Certificate Request Form

    If you are transferring to Australian Unity and you are eligible for more than the default government rebate, this will be adjusted once we receive a Transfer Certificate from your previous health fund. To request your Transfer Certificate, please complete a Transfer Certificate Request and forward to Australian Unity within 14 days for processing.

    Download PDF 149kb

  • Special Consideration Form

    Please use this form to request a special consideration of acceptance of late payment.

    Download PDF 81kb