Payment FAQs

General Direct Debit Questions

What is Direct Debit?

Direct Debit is a simple, safe and convenient way to manage your Health Cover payments from your credit card or Australian bank account. When you sign up, you allow Australian Unity to deduct your Health Cover payments automatically from your account as agreed. If you need to change the amount or collection date, just let us know.

How do I set up Direct Debit?

Simply complete a Direct Debit Request Form. You can download this here or for health cover members this can be found on the back of your Account Notice or in the Welcome Pack you received when you joined. You can always can set it up online, simply log into Online Member Services, and select payments. Please read the terms and conditions of the Form before setting up Direct Debit.

Setting up Direct Debit

Can direct debits be paid from any Account?

Most Australian accounts at banks and building societies can be used to make direct debit payments. Some special savings accounts won’t allow direct debit from them – just check with your bank before you set it up. Unfortunately we cannot accept overseas bank accounts for direct debit.

Can I use my Credit Card for Direct Debits?

Direct debit can be set up with most Visa and Mastercard credit cards, including credit card accounts that are held outside of Australia. Just remember if you are using an overseas credit card, currency conversion and overseas service fees may be added to the transaction by your card provider.

What information will I need to set up direct debit?

You will need the following information:
  • your Australian Unity membership number
  • your name and address
  • the name and address of your bank or building society
  • your bank or building society account number
  • the BSB code of your bank or building society 
  • the name(s) on the account and authority of all account holders

If I setup Direct Debit over the phone or via online member services, what confirmation will I have of the agreement?

Australian Unity will send written confirmation of your direct debit Instruction within three working days of the telephone call or online sign up. Simply check the details and contact us if you have any questions.

Managing my Direct Debit

Once it is set up, do I have to do anything?

No, other than making sure you have sufficient funds in your account when the payment is due. We will give you advance notice of the debit date if you pay your Health Cover on a quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis.

For monthly payments, your direct debit will occur on the date of your choice, every month. We’ll confirm this date when you set up your direct debit payment.

Will the payment always be on the same date every month?

Normally payments will be made on the same date each month, quarter, half year or annually according to the payment frequency you have selected. If any payment due date falls at a weekend or on a public holiday, we will debit your account on the next business day.

What is an adjustment amount?

When you set up your direct debit, your debit date can fall out of sync with the date your payments are due. Sometimes you may see a debit from us for a small amount, covering only a few days cover. We are working to resolve this, in the meantime we will try to let you know before these adjustment payments are made.

What if changes are needed?

You can call us any time to make changes to your account details. If you change your cover or add people on to your policy, your new payment amount will be deducted on your usual Direct Debit date. Just remember the first payment could be for an adjusted amount depending on what changes you make to your policy.

Can I cancel Direct Debit?

Members with health insurance cover can switch their payment method at any time. If you want to turn off the Direct Debit service, just give us a call and we’ll switch you back to bill payments. This will mean we will send you an Account Notice quarterly, containing a three month payment amount, and billed in advance so you will need to pay for the next three months heath cover in one payment.

Exclusive Lifestyle Package instalments may only be paid by direct debit.

But what if I need a Tax Invoice for my Overseas Health Cover?

As all Overseas Visitors Covers are not exempt from any Australian taxes and levies such as Goods and Services Tax and they won’t exempt you from the Medicare Levy Surcharge. Australian Unity won’t automatically issue you a Tax Invoice if you pay by direct debit. If you do require a Tax Invoice for another purpose, such as the Goods and Services Tax, we would be happy to send you one in the mail, just give us a call on 13 29 39 and we’ll organise it.

The Account Notice will also be a Tax Invoice for members with Overseas Visitor Cover.

Account Notice FAQs

Who can receive an Account Notice?

Australian Unity members with health cover or Overseas Visitors Cover can by for their cover by Account Notice. This option is not available for customers with an Exclusive Lifestyle Package.

Where can I pay my Account Notice in person?

You can pay your Account Notice at any Australia Post outlet Australia wide. Just take in the remittance advice on the bottom of the notice and pay it in person.

How else can I pay my Account Notice?

Using Credit Card you can:

  • Pay over the phone using our automated payment service, just call 1800 008 622 and quote the reference number on the Account Notice.
  • Online by logging into Online Member Services and selecting ‘payments’
  • By mail using the remittance advice on the bottom of the notice, fill it in and send it back to us.
  • Pay via B-PAY or send us a cheque, just remember to include the remittance advice on the bottom of the notice with your payment.