Do we get happier with age?



Yes we do!

Australian Unity Wellbeing Index research finds that some of the happiest Australians are those aged 76 and over. However, this is less a function of age than it is an indication of a life well lived.

Happy older Australians are the ones who have invested in aspects of their lives that give them satisfaction, such as financial security, personal relationships and their connection to the community. So important are these factors that they can offset any dissatisfaction with health, which declines as age related ailments set in.

So, what about you?

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Volunteers are often referred to as the glue that holds communities together. Although they often work without pay, volunteers are the happiest employment group.

For retirees in particular, volunteering has significant benefits. For this group, the act of volunteering brings the highest strength of satisfaction and well above the wellbeing range.