Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is held in Melbourne, Victoria each October. The Australian Unity Board of Directors present on the company’s year to date progress, and members have the opportunity to cast their vote on certain resolutions. The event is also a great opportunity for members to meet the Australian Unity Board, and to resolve any queries they may have in relation to the business of the company.

Read Chairman and GMD Addresses AGM 2016

View the 2016 AGM Webcast

Member Briefings  

Member Briefings are held in Sydney each year. While they are not part of the formal AGM proceedings, they are opportunities for our non-Victorian members to access to the same information presented at the AGM. Member Briefings are usually attended by our Chair Peter Promnitz, Group Managing Director Rohan Mead, and other Directors.

Member communication options

Members can select to receive a Notice of Annual General Meeting and copies of the Annual Report to be mailed or emailed to them each year. The Notice of Annual General Meeting is an invitation to attend the AGM, although all members and customers are welcome to attend these events.

To make your communication option, or to change an existing preference, please download and complete the ‘Communication Options Form’ from the Download panel on the left hand side. You can email your form to or mail to Australian Unity Limited, Reply Paid 72881, South Melbourne VIC 3205.

Alternatively, you can contact us on 03 8682 5000.