We aim to enhance the wellbeing of our members and customers through the provision of high trust products and services.

From health insurance and preventative health programs, to investments, banking, community care and retirement solutions, we provide services that maintain the security and dignity of our customers throughout their changing life stages.

Our four main businesses are Healthcare, Investments, Independent & Assisted Living and Personal Financial Services.


Australian Unity Healthcare consists of health insurance, a corporate health fund (GU Health), dental clinics and allied health services (Remedy Healthcare). Through these business operations, along with award-winning wellness benefits, Australian Unity is focused on innovative and integrated approaches to improve the health of members and customers.


Australian Unity Investments provides specialist property, fixed interest, mortgage and equity products. The business has extensive in-house investment expertise, complemented by joint ventures with specialist investment professionals.

Big Sky Building Society, a subsidiary of Australian Unity, provides a comprehensive and competitive range of products and services spanning banking, advice and insurance.

Independent & Assisted Living

Australian Unity Independent & Assisted Living business provides home care, aged care and retirement communities across NSW, Victoria and Queensland. In February 2016 we successfully transferred the NSW Government’s entire NSW home care services, including disability services and Aboriginal home care services, significantly expanding our operations in home care. The business’ organic growth also continues to be driven by the development of new retirement communities and residential aged care which support the daily living and care needs of 21st century retirees.

Personal Financial Services

Personal Financial Services provides professional, fee-for-service, strategic advice to help its clients improve their current financial position and ultimately achieve their long term lifestyle goals. The main business areas include financial advice, finance broking, and risk broking.