Australian Unity has a number of community partnerships and sponsorships that underpin our community strategy.

Australian Unity Wellbeing Index

The Australian Unity Wellbeing Index is Australia’s first and foremost guide to wellbeing. 

Unlike most traditional indicators such as Gross Domestic Product, population health, literacy and crime statistics, the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index measures the ‘subjective wellbeing’ of the Australian population—it measures how Australians feel about their lives. It is designed to provide insight into the factors and social issues that are impacting on our happiness. It investigates Australians’ satisfaction with their lives across areas such as health, money, relationships, work and much more. It also tracks what Australians think about the state of the nation including their satisfaction with social conditions, the economic situation, the environment, business, national security and government.

Bell Shakespeare

Australian Unity has been the official wellbeing partner of Bell Shakespeare for the last eight years. An important part of this sponsorship involves working with Bell Shakespeare’s education branch - Actors at Work – to deliver numerous interactive theatre performances residents and families at Australian Unity retirement villages.

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

Australian Unity has partnered with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra for the last five years. Through the partnership, Australian Unity helps to provide music concerts for the community, residents and their families at Australian Unity retirement villages.

Australian Centre for Health Research

The Australian Centre for Health Research is a public policy research program that we continue to support after providing seed funding in 2006. The research conducted by the centre evaluates complex health issues and aims to create a better health system for all Australians. Recent research has examined Australian healthcare agreements, evaluated health outcomes in Australia’s health system and proposed changes to the Medicare system to allow for greater consumer choice.